June 16, 2011|By Kelly Fitzpatrick


If a sports bar and wine bar were to get together and have a baby bar — The Silly Grape would be the result.

Although, the size of this new watering hole, a block off of Keller Road located near Maitland Center, is far from teeny tiny — and it's not very silly.

The Silly Grape has perfectly combined the comfiness of a neighborhood sports bar, complete with a pool table and flat screen TVs, and has given it a bit of polish -- perfect for the business crowd in the area it's sure to attract.

Framed copies of old French ads and artwork decorate the olive walls, taking the place of the typical Budweiser or Nascar posters one usually finds in their local bar. When my friends and I stopped by last week around happy hour, I did catch a very out of place Bud ad hanging over the pool table — hidden from bar view.

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